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Monday, May 16, 2011


Well all you little fuckers I am looking for some suggestions from you on movies you would like me to review. I would like to review some older stuff maybe from the 80's or 90's or even earlier if that is what you shit stains want. You should all feel lucky I am even offering for you all the honor of giving me any kind of suggestions at all. I should just come to your houses and splatter all the walls with blood. But I will hold back the urge for now and see what all you pussies can come up with. Oh and Donnie Kendall I haven't forgotten about you either. I will be coming for you very soon.

Fuck Off For Now And Hope To Hell I Don't Come Find You


Donnie Kendall said...

So, you're looking for suggestions, are ya? You creepy old butt plug? Well Donnie's got a suggestion for you. Donnie suggests you drop the tough, mysterious psycho crap and grow some real man-nuts. This is Gimme Your Hand MOTHER-FUGGIN' Entertainment. No Censors. No Rules. NO APOLOGIES! Yet, you apologize to your readers for being gone so long? Donnie has seen your weakness, Blood. You are vulnerable, and Donnie is great. You will fall at the hands of the Posse, and Donnie will use your top hat for a toilet, and your cape as A** wipe.

Manda Thompson said...

You should start posting again so Donnie doesnt fire you!! Tell Kylee and Rex the same!!

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