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Monday, May 9, 2011

First Movie Review That I Have Been Sitting On

All right you freaks here is the first of the movie reviews I have been sitting on. This movie is a few years old but I thought it deserved a review. So what is this awesomely horrific movie you say well the answer is Cube. This movie was made in 1997 and has two sequels Cube Zero and Cube 2 Hyper Cube. This movie starts off a little slow as far as the death and mayhem go but it does build up some pretty good suspense. So the movie starts with a man waking up in one of the rooms of the cube. He begins to explore the room noticing that there are six doors. He decides to go through one of these doors into another adjacent room only to be cut by lasers into large cubes. How moronic do you have to be to go into the one room where you are surely going to die. I guess he should have used a bit more time examining the rooms before making such a hasty decision. Now we go to different rooms where we see people who are just waking up and trying to find there way through to other rooms. Eventually five people make it into one room where they do the oh we need a plan and become a team bullshit. They finally decided it would be best to start moving and trying to find a way out of where ever they are. The five people then decide to try to figure out a way to find out which rooms are trapped and which rooms aren't. At first they use a boot to figure this out but that doesn't last too long as one of the rooms has an acid trap in it and one of the five loses their lives in a very awesome acid death. I guess he will remember to look before you leap the next time. OH wait that's right he was a dumb ass there won't be a next time. The group has to decide whether it is best to go on or to stay put. They decide to move on but need to find another way to figure out which rooms are trapped and which ones are safe all while trying to also figure out who put them there and why. They finally figure out another way to tell if the rooms are trapped or not and begin making progress once again through the cube. When they go into a room to find yet another person in the cube. He is a mentally impaired guy. They try to figure out how he has lasted as long as he has in the cube with no ones help. As I don't want to give the whole movie away this will be the end of this review. If you want to know what else happened I guess you will just have to watch it yourself if you have the balls and the stomach for it. I will also be doing reviews for Cube Zero and Cube 2 hyper Cube maybe if you are lucky I will give you a whole review on those. instead of coming to find your rotten stinking carcasses. On a side note I must find the man who created this cube. I could sure use it to keep my victims in to torture and to help keep my secret abode secret. Hmm. Imagine all the chaos I could do with something like that.

Fuck Off For Now And Hope To Hell I Don't Come Find You


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