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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Response for Joey

Well Joey number one you ask way to many questions for your own good. If you keep things up like this you will soon be the next blood stain on my walls. But I will entertain your questions and give you a few answers.

1. I live in whatever country/state you do for all you know. So you better watch you ass a little more carefully. Or your ass will belong to me.
2. My age doesn't matter I am old enough to remember more things than I would care to. I have walked through the fiery depths of hell and lived to tell about it. But those stories will be for another time.
3. What I do for a living is scare the holly bejeezus out of little cry baby bastards like you. Then torment, torture, and kill them for my own sick twisted amusement.
4. This question is the only question out of all that you have asked that I really like. All the other questions were a little to tame for my taste. If you are going to ask me more questions I suggests you grow a pair of big boy balls. But to answer your question both are viable forms of entertainment but I would have to say that I have always and will always love moving pictures. I love to see the horrific imagery on screen all the blood and carnage is always great.
5. For your last question which is also a pretty good one. You are probably to young to remember this show but there was a show on in the early part of 1992 called Nightmare Cafe. It ran from January to April 1992 and only had a total of six episodes. You should check it out if you feel you have enough balls.

Fuck off for now, and hope to hell I don't come find you


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