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Friday, February 11, 2011

Some Movies To Watch Over Christmas Season

Thought that I would just do a really quick post here of some good horror movies to watch over the Christmas/New Years season. If you think you are feeling froggy and think you have the stomach check them out.

1. Black Christmas
2. Silent Night Deadly Night
3. Child's Play
4. Don't Open Till Christmas

Fuck off for now, and hope to hell I don't come find you


christopher said...

movies to watch over the Christmas season???? this post is dated feb. 11 so what the fuck? you mean next Christmas season or are you just too damn slow or lazy to post stories relevant to a specific time frame?

boywonder josh said...

mr blood did donnie fire u or r u cuming back? i like how gross and twistid u r lol and shut teh fuck up christopher!!! if u think u can do evrything better do ur own website bitch!!!

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