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Sunday, October 31, 2010


Well it is that time of year again HALLOWEEN. All the screams and all the blood make this my personal favorite holiday. For it is the easiest night for me to get victims. To hear their screams of agony. To smell and taste their sweet sweet blood. Oh so easy to hide in the dark, dark shadows while all the good little boys and girls get their candy. Then once they are all gone and the real Halloween parties start that is when I come out to play. Getting victims one after the other, like taking candy from a screaming baby. And oh how Mr. Blood loves the Halloween costumes especially all those good girls that come out dressed like slutty vampires or whatever slutty costume they happen to decide wear. YES IT IS THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN THE TIME WHEN MR. BLOOD CAN STRIKE AT WILL. So watch out all you guys and gals cause you never know which dark shadow I may come out of.

Fuck Off For Now
, And I Will Be Seeing You Tonight


Joey said...

I read some Mr. Blood stories and I have a few questions for him. 1, What country are you from? 2, How old are you? 3, What do you do for a living? 4, Would you rather read a horror book or watch a horror movie? 5, Favorite tv show?

I want a fucking christmas special! said...

Where the hell is the christmas special!!!!

Roger said...

Any chance of this shit getting updated?

Anonymous said...

u say bad words

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