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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Top 10 Slasher/Horror Movie Deaths

10. Child's Play 3
Nothing like a good heart attack.

9.Jeepers Creepers 2
Hmmm. Wonder whats going on in his head?

Wonder whats stopping her from getting unstuck?

7. My Bloody Valentine (Remake)
I guess the pick ax has his tongue.

6. Jason X
Nothing BEATS camping.

5. Hellraiser
Wonder whats tearing him up.

4. The Collector
Anyone up for some big game hunting?

3. Nightmare On Elm Street 3
Hmmm. Guess she is a T.V. star now.

2. Saw III
Dinners done. Whose up for some BBQ ribs?

1. Nightmare On Elm Street 6/ Friday The 13th VIII
Hmmm. Wonder who would really win in a true fight to the death?

Fuck Off For Now, And I Will Be Seeing You Tonight


Donnie Kendall said...

For number 8 Donnie bets it's her TIG OL' BITTIES!

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