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Thursday, June 3, 2010

To clear somethings up

Well boys and girls. I am back. I have read some of the things posted about me on the forums and Mr. Blood taking a vacation. Come on get real Mr. Blood doesn't take vacations. He goes on screaming blood curdling serial killing sprees. And let me tell you this last one was the one of the best yet. Sweet read blood flew everywhere. Screams could be heard for days and weeks. And who could stop it. NO ONE. Not one living breathing soul. Anyway enough of that let us get on to the real business at hand. Now that I am on my own blog space now be warned things are going to be getting a lot more interesting. Oh and by the way Donnie two down four to go.


Rex Delaney said...

Who the hell do you have to blow to get your own blog around here??

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